Compatible Browsers
Wallpapers Net Compatible Free Browser Firefox

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla was founded as a public benefit organization with the goal of making the Web a better place for everyone. With that in mind, Firefox is always improving to make sure it includes the latest security technology and ways to safeguard your privacy. Firefox was designed for simplicity, security, and extensibility, with hundreds of extensions available. There are literally thousands of totally free ways to customize your Firefox to fit exactly what you like to do online. The TraceMonkey JavaScript engine brings screaming fast performance to Firefox 3.5.

Features: Web - RSS headlines - Extensions for chat, customization, etc. - Skinnable - Malware/Phishing Filter Import: All settings from Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla, Netscape, bookmarks from generic HTML file.

Wallpapers Net Compatible Free Browser Google Chrome

Google Chrome

Google Chrome runs web pages and applications with lightning speed. Search the web right from the address bar. Arrange and organize tabs however you wish - quickly and easily. Simplicity and style - themes to add delight to your browser. Chrome uses the WebKit engine (like Safari) and is similar to the default web browser on the Android mobile phone platform.

Features: Web - Private Browsing - Malware/Phishing Filter - RSS Import: Bookmarks, History and Passwords from Internet Explorer or Firefox.

Wallpapers Net Compatible Free Browser Apple Safari

Apple Safari

The browser. Refined. Sophisticated design makes browsing with Safari simply productive. It renders web pages at lightning speed. Safari was the first browser to support HTML 5 audio and video tags and CSS 3 Animations, which bring a new level of interactivity to the web, and CSS Effects. Starting with version 3, Safari is also available for Windows. Safari is also the web browser on the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Features: Web - Private Browsing - RSS Import: Bookmarks from any browser.

Wallpapers Net Compatible Free Browser Opera


Along with the faster engine and the new look and feel come a few new features and some welcome refinements to the features that have long set Opera apart from the pack. The Opera Presto browser engine is fast. Up to 40% faster than the previous version. A beautiful look and feel with intuitive features complements your Web browsing experience. Synchronize, share and turbo-charge the Web. Opera 10 offers more than any other browser. Opera also provides a mobile web browser, Opera Mini, which runs on most Java-capable devices, bringing the web even to low-end mobile phones. You can sync your bookmarks between Opera Mini and the desktop version of Opera using Opera Link.

Features: Web - Email - RSS - Chat - Skinnable - Phishing Filter - Widgets - BitTorrent - Sync - Turbo Mode Import: Bookmarks from Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Netscape, or generic HTML file; Mail from Outlook Express, Netscape, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Eudora, or generic mbox file.

Wallpapers Net Compatible Free Browser Microsoft Windows Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer

Browse with more confidence knowing Internet Explorer 8 helps protect you from evolving online threats right out of the box. The new SmartScreen filter and other built-in security features help you stay safe by protecting against deceptive and malicious websites which can compromise your data, privacy, and identity.

Features: Web - Private Browsing - Malware/Phishing Filter - RSS Import: Bookmarks from previous versions of Internet Explorer.

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